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10 Classy and Comfy Looks For Work

I never thought I would post anything about fashion, but I received a request to do a Top 10 list on work attire. My friend wanted to see looks that are professional and make you look put together, without making you look 80 years old.  When I buy work clothes

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The 13% Club

I read an article recently that said 87% of Americans have no passion for their jobs. On average people spend 1/3 of their lives at work (90,000 hours in a lifetime). So 87% of people spend 1/3 of their lives working in a job that they are not passionate about.

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Top 10 Accounts To Follow On Instagram

I get a majority of my entertainment from Instagram and I’ve fully accepted my addiction. This week I’m sharing my top 10 favorite Instagram accounts to follow. Happy endless scrolling! Disclosure: If you are easily offended you may not want to follow some of these accounts… @thefatjewish – If I could

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