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Welcome!! A Splash of Humor is a lifestyle blog designed to make people laugh on their road to success. The site includes inspirational stories, tips for working moms, and quick splashes of humor for daily entertainment.

About me: I was raised in Omaha, Nebraska and attended Florida State University where I met my husband Matt. After Matt and I graduated, we moved to Omaha and I began working for an international accounting firm (KPMG). Matt and I got married in 2009 and we welcomed our daughter Charlotte (Charlie) on Valentine’s Day 2014. Matt and I lived in Omaha for a total of eight years and during that time we lived in three different houses and I was promoted three times. While in Omaha I volunteered for a German Shepherd Rescue as the Adoption Manager and I became Vice President after five years of volunteering. The thing I am most proud of on my life resume (besides my family) is my time spent finding homes for over 1,000 rescue pups.

In 2015 I accepted a position with the Company I audited during my 8 year tenure at KPMG. The Company I currently work for is an international engineering and construction firm based out of Omaha. The Company has over 30 district offices in various locations and I was lucky enough to join the district based out of Kansas City. For two years I managed business teams on multiple power plants, traveling constantly to locations all over the country. Meanwhile Matt held down the fort at home while also working full-time (spoiler alert: most of my stories involve Matt being Most Valuable Player in our marriage).

I got pregnant with our son Thomas in 2014 and continued to travel to construction sites until I was 36 weeks pregnant and the doctor threatened me if I got on another plane. Thomas was born in October 2016 and I gave birth while watching Florida State football. Seriously…it was amazing. Then 6 months after Thomas was born I got a surprise phone call about leading my company’s Western Canada business group. Matt agreed that I should take this opportunity over a text message and next thing you know we were looking for overpriced houses in the amazing city of Vancouver, B.C. Last June Matt and I got on a flight to Canada with a toddler, a baby, two German Shepherds, and nine checked bags. This past year living in Vancouver has been amazing, life-changing, adventurous, and also very very stressful. I’m excited to tell you about my adventures getting to this point. Thank you for your support and please contact me if you have any questions!

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