10 Amazon Gift Ideas for Procrastinating Santas

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas Amazon (1)

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. I go completely nuts buying Christmas presents for my children (I definitely took after my dad in that department). And now that both of my kids are old enough to appreciate gifts I literally do not know how to control myself. This year Charlie asked Santa for “100 rainbow unicorns and 100 rainbow horses” which obviously results in zero search results on Google. Thomas isn’t old enough to ask for anything but his obsession with cars is on a whole new level. So since that was the list I was working with this year I had to do a lot of searching for what I thought would be great gifts for C & T. And of course I procrastinated and relied heavily on free 2-day shipping.

First things first. I honestly do not know what I did before I welcomed Amazon Prime into my life. I HATE shopping (really….I do) and I especially hate shopping at the mall during Christmas time. I always feel so much pressure and stores are out of stuff and its freaking cold outside people! I seriously love that I can now procrastinate and spend my time browsing Amazon Prime in my yoga pants with a nice glass of Pinot Noir in my hand.

One more thing. I did some major toy organizing/purging this weekend to revisit what toys they have and what toys they don’t play with anymore. My sister and I are master purgers – we get in our element and everyone better WATCH OUT. We do not really attach to “things” so it’s easy for us to purge our stuff. And I learned from her as my older sister that kids don’t even notice the toys are gone. My garage is now full of stuff to donate and I feel refreshed and ready to welcome new toys at Christmas.

So if you are a procrastinator like me and hate to shop, check out these 10 items sold on Amazon that can arrive before Christmas with just one button click.  All of these items are available in Amazon Canada as well. Prices are in USD – Click on the link for each item for more details.

My simple rules for kids toys: good reviews, no batteries preferred, and when in doubt go with Melissa and Doug products….

  1. Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride On $119.99 This doesn’t look all that grand but TRUST ME children love it. My sister has this at her house and Charlie didn’t stop riding it until we physically had to strip her off of it so we could leave. If you don’t believe me read the reviews online – 1,604 customer reviews on Amazon and 93% gave it a 5-star rating. Hurry – there are not many left in stock to arrive before Christmas!Idea 1
  2. Radio Flyer Trike $69.99 I LOVE Radio Flyer. Their products are timeless, affordable, and are such great quality. I like this trike because Charlie can stand on the back while Thomas pedals and we guide the bike. Brilliant! I am so excited for Thomas to see his first bike on Christmas morning.Idea 2
  3. Horse Care Play Set $25.99 Charlie took after her cousins and she is full on addicted to playing with horses. And just like me as a kid, my children love to pretend to be grown ups and take care of babies and animals. This gift is a great price and will for sure get lots of use in a house with young kids.Idea 3
  4. Books You Loved As a Kid $4.99-$20.99 I am SUPER excited about this gift because if my kids hate these books I will still read them while reminiscing about my childhood. Berenstain Bears was my jam and my absolute favorite book as a child was Miss Nelson is Missing. I tried searching for a pack of multiple Berenstain Bears books but then resorted to just buying my favorite books individually (I bought 10 BB books and a hardcover of Miss Nelson is Missing). Who else loved these books?!
  5. Nice Brushes & Cheap Coloring Books $7.99 for the brushes & $5.89 for the book. The cheap brushes that come with coloring books are ok unless you have a child that loves art as much as Charlie does. I think she is going to love these brushes. I didn’t buy her coloring books from Amazon this year. I now only buy coloring books from the Dollar Store. But I did buy this unicorn coloring book a few months ago for her and she loved it.
  6. Melissa and Doug Pretend Food Play $12.88 A few years ago we bought this Children’s IKEA kitchen  and the kids love it. We had the basic pretend food play but this year for Christmas I got the kids more food to add to their pretend pantry, including an ice cream scoop set and a pasta station. There are so many more creative food play sets that at one point I had 10 sets in my cart. Melissa and Doug you are heaven.
  7. Melissa and Doug Car Service Station $20.99 This was a present Santa brought Thomas last year and he is still obsessed with it. It’s the perfect weight for him to carry around and the parking, car wash, and lift functions are so great considering the price of the toy. If you have a child that loves cars this is a must have!Idea 7
  8. Magnetic Tiles $52.99 I love toys that inspire creativity and engineering, especially for young girls. My mom bought these for Charlie for her 2nd birthday and the kids play with them all the time. Charlie loves to build horse stables and castles and Thomas loves to build tall towers and knock them down (typical destructo boy). Don’t worry about the price, the quality is well worth the investment. Idea 8
  9. The Floor is Lava! Game $19.95 I love playing board games with my family. They are still a bit young but this board game got my attention because on the playground Charlie always plays a game with kids she meets where they pretend the ground is lava. I have a feeling she is going to love this game.Idea 9
  10. Kidnoculars $14.47 There are a few reasons why I love this gift. One is we have an amazing view of downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park from our patio and the kids are always wondering what we are looking at when we use our binoculars. But the main reason I love this is that kids are SO curious. Curious about bugs, adventure, mysteries, pretty much everything. The possibilities are endless with kid binoculars.

And lastly, if you are looking for super cheap great ideas head to IKEA children’s section. They have great train sets, gym mats, and play sets that are the perfect balance of affordable and quality. Happy Christmas shopping to all procrastinating Santas!

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