Our Europe Vacation: 5 Cities in 10 Days

A Splash of Humor has been A Splash of Nothing lately, but I’m back! Matt and I just returned from an amazing 10 day vacation in Europe. We visited 5 cities and had no responsibilities other than deciding on what wine to drink. I will share more details and pictures from each day, but for now I wanted to share how we crammed in all that we did in such a short period of time. Here is a summary of where we went, how we got there, where we stayed, what we ate, and what we did during the 10 days spent in Europe. 

Day 0 (Travel Day)

How we got there: 4 hour flight from Vancouver to Toronto – 2 hour layover – then a 7 hour flight from Toronto to Rome.

Day 1

City #1: Rome, Italy

How we got around: Our flight landed in Rome at 2PM. Matt arranged for a Mercedes to pick us up at the airport and drop us off at our hotel.

What we did: We walked the streets of Rome all afternoon until the early evening. I took approximately 45,000 pictures.

Where we stayed: Palazzo Manfredi (gorgeous boutique hotel located across the street from the colosseum).

What we ate: We stumbled upon Ciampini Bistrot on our afternoon walk and had a quick lunch of pizza and wine. We made dinner reservations at the rooftop restaurant at Palazzo Manfredi (Ristorante Aroma) which had an amazing view of the colosseum.

Day 2 

City #2: Florence, Italy

How we got there: We took a taxi to the Rome train station in the morning and took a 1.5 hour train ride to Florence. We arrived in Florence around noon and took a cab to our hotel. (P.S. surprisingly the ONLY travel hiccup occurred at the Rome train station which I will explain in a later post).

What we did: We walked the streets of Florence until our feet hurt. We shopped for souvenirs for our kids and gifts for our in-laws who watched our kids during our entire trip.

Where we stayed: La Maison Du Sage (perfect little boutique hotel across the street from a famous Florence cathedral).

What we ate: Free breakfast at our hotel in Rome. Late lunch at Hot Pot Restaurant (Pizza/Wine). Dinner at Parione Restaurant (Steak/Pasta/Fine Wine)

Day 3

City #3: Siena, Italy

How we got there: We rented a car in Florence and drove 1.5 hours South to Siena. We arrived in Siena around noon then drove back to Florence late afternoon.

What we did: Walked the quiet streets of Siena and shopped for Italian custom hats.

Where we stayed: La Maison Du Sage

What we ate: Free breakfast at the hotel. Lunch outside at Bar II Palio in the Piazza Del Campo in Siena. Dinner at the Foody Farm Restaurant in Florence (Modern/Farm-Fresh Italian)

Day 4

Florence, Italy

How we got there: No transportation – walked everywhere.

What we did: Walked to the highest point in Florence to take pictures then shopped for souvenirs and visited the famous Piazza del Duomo in the afternoon.

Where we stayed: La Maison Du Sage

What we ate: Breakfast at Le Vespe Cafe. Lunch at Pizza Napoli 1955 Restaurant. Takeout dinner from All’Antico Vinaio (famous Italian sandwich shop).

Day 5


City #4: Bordeaux, France

How we got there: The hotel arranged a taxi to the airport and we took an early morning flight from Florence to Bordeaux. Had a quick stop in Paris and landed in Bordeaux around noon. Both flights were Air France (not the best airline experience but they gave me a delicious warm croissant in the air so I got over it).

What we did: Walked around the small village close to our Airbnb, wedding activities in the afternoon/evening (my friend Bree’s wedding was in Bordeaux).

Where we stayedA Chateau rented on Airbnb (stayed with a group of my friends who were also attending the wedding)

What we ate: Breakfast at the Florence airport, Picked up groceries in Bordeaux for lunch, Dinner with friends at Le Murano Restaurant in the Bordeaux City Centre.

Day 6


Bordeaux, France

How we got there: Taxi from Chateau to wedding activities (cabs and ubers were almost non-existent unless you pre-booked ahead of time, so we mostly stayed at the chateau)

What we did: Visited Chateau Biac winery for a tour and wine tasting.

Where we stayed: Airbnb Chateau with friends

What we ate: Made breakfast and lunch at the Chateau. Wedding rehearsal dinner in the evening.

Day 7

Bordeaux, France

(Wedding activities all day – I LOVED my Bagdley Mischka gown from Rent the Runway)

Day 8


City #5: Paris, France

How we got there: Took an Uber from the chateau to the train station and arrived in Paris after a 2 hour train ride.

What we did: Recovery from the wedding. Died laughing at stories from the wedding. Ate about 6,000 calories to cure our hangovers.

Where we stayedRenaissance Paris Republique Hotel (stayed at the same hotel with group of friends)

What we ate: Lunch at train station, dinner at Café Petite (enjoyed my 1st beef tartare!)

Day 9

Paris, France 

How we got there: We took an Uber to our new hotel.

What we did: We visited the Eiffel Tower in the morning then had massages at the hotel spa Monday afternoon. Massages were well-needed and were a great, relaxing end to the trip.

Where we stayed: Majestic Hotel and Spa

What we ate: Breakfast at Café du Trocadero. Lunch at Baagaa Burgers. Dinner at Morny Restaurant.

Day 10 (Travel Home)

How we got there: 8 hour flight from Paris to Toronto (left Paris at 11:30AM). 5 hour flight from Toronto to Vancouver (got in at 6:00PM)


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