10 Must-Have iPhone Apps

  1. Unroll.me Productivity (Free)

    There are two kinds of people in the world. There are those that have 0 unread emails and those that have 5,472 unread emails. I hate having unread emails and 90% of the emails coming thru to my gmail account are junk. Unroll.me scans your email account and lets you unsubscribe to email distributions with one click on the app. It’s brilliant!                                                                      Unroll Me

  2. PicTapGo Photo Editing ($3.99)

    PicTapGo is by far the most user-friendly and quickest photo editing app out there. I have a whole blog post on photo editing apps I recommend, but if you are a beginner of if you have never heard of this app I highly recommend it! PicTapGo has 70 stackable filters that polish up your photos while keeping them looking natural and authentic.Pic Tap Go

  3. 1Password Productivity (Free)

    If you have difficulty remembering the tons of unique passwords that you need for all of your accounts, then this app will change your life. This is a secure app that creates and stores passwords so you never have to reset your password. It’s even Touch ID compatible and is available on your desktop, phone, and even Apple Watch.1Password

  4. Dark Sky Weather ($3.99)

    I use the WeatherBug app for weather forecasts, but the Dark Sky app is the most accurate source for real-time down-to-the-minute forecasts. You’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop, right where you’re standing. It’s like magic.Dark Sky

  5. Waze Navigation (Free)

    I live in Vancouver and have to fight excruciating traffic every day. The Waze app helps me avoid traffic jams and accidents as well as police traps. It’s a real-time app and is way better than using Google Maps to get you somewhere. Since this app is free it’s a no-brainer.Waze.png

  6. Venmo Finance (Free)

    This app is absolutely the most convenient app if you are traveling or dining with a group that is splitting costs.  My friends and I go on a lot of girls trips and since I am the accountant in the group I always used to get stuck with the task of collecting money for 12 girls that are all 3+ drinks deep. Venmo allows everyone in the group to click a button and immediately wire costs to whoever paid the bill. Everyone is whole before you leave the restaurant, it’s perfection.Venmo

  7. Kahoot Work/Education (Free)

    One of my favorite things about my job is being able to teach at my company’s training center in Omaha. I usually teach accounting and finance courses to engineers who are wired very differently than me as an accountant. Asking questions throughout a presentation to get the audience to be interactive does not work, especially when your topic doesn’t have pizazz. I started using the Kahoot app a few years ago and it has made a huge impact on the classes I teach. The participants download the app on their phones and answer questions on the app. This not only ensures everyone participates, but it drives competitiveness and alertness because the scores of the group are tallied. I received the #1 instructor score from a session I taught in April and I think my use of the Kahoot app had a lot to do with it.Kahoot

  8. Momondo Flight Deals (Free)

    This app came recommended from my friend Claire who is the master travel deal-finder. Swiping left and right will quickly get you through the big menu: your profile, flights and hotels. This app allows you to select your flight preferences (number of passengers, ticket class etc.) beforehand which makes your future searches a lot easier. It blows Orbitz and Google out of the water.Momondo

  9. CamScanner Productivity (Free)

    CamScanner scans images into a clear & sharp image/PDF stored on your phone. You can easily email, fax, or print any image that is scanned on the app. I use it all the time for expense receipts – the image quality is fantastic. No more walking to the copy machine!
    Cam Scanner

  10. Amount Productivity ($1.39)

    Moving to a different country and dealing with the metric system and a different currency is definitely challenging. There are so many differences between the United States and Canada and the Amount app allows me to easily convert Kilometers to Miles and Celsius to Fahrenheit. This app is also very useful when cooking to convert measurements for ingredients. Amount


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