When A Toddler Sees Her Newborn Pictures

It was Saturday afternoon around 4:00PM, which if you are a parent you know that is the the time your kids are the most whiny and needy. Both Charlie and Thomas were misbehaving more than normal that day and Matt and I were having a conversation debating whether we should put both kids to bed at 5:00. It was that kind of day.

Thomas was in the room that he shares with Charlie and he was pointing and mumbling for me to get something from the top shelf. I came into the room and noticed he was pointing at Charlie’s box of memories from when she was a newborn. I got the box down from the shelf…while thinking it was odd Thomas wanted to look at that random box….and I brought it into the living room. Thomas, Matt, and I started looking thru it then Charlie came into the room asking what we were looking at. When we told her it was a box of memories for her she completely lit up and started going thru the box like it was Christmas morning. Actually it was like Christmas morning, Halloween, and Easter Sunday combined.

I never thought about what my kids would think when they would see pictures from when they were born. The poses from newborn photo shoots are adorable to adults, but toddlers apparently have a LOT of questions after seeing them. Here are some of the hilarious comments Charlie said as she was going thru her box:


“WHY am I wearing that hat?? Where did you get that hat from??? I look uncomfortable.”




“WHY am I sleeping on the floor? I do NOT like sleeping on the floor”




“There I am….sleeping on the floor again! Ugh I was soooooo uncomfortable”




“What am I doing here? Am I eating FOOD?? That looks like food. Is it food mom?”




After I explained it was a blanket not food, she saw this picture…

“There I am….eating food again! What in the world?!?”



Her: “Mom are you a baby?”

Me: “Umm…no”

Her: “Then why are you under a baby blanket??”




After me explaining what the pregnancy test stick was (which I didn’t know I kept..gross)

“Mom you should try peeing on it again to see if you have another baby in there!!”




As Matt is tearing up seeing all of the pictures of him and her from when was born…

“‘Dad why are you crying? You must REALLY like pictures of yourself”




When she was done looking thru the box she told me it was the best present I had ever given her. I died. This girl read every damn card. Looked at every single hospital document, stared at every single picture, and she literally covered herself in the blanket she was put in after birth. If you are looking for me I am crying happy tears while trying to throw together a similar box for Thomas that doesn’t exist. Second child syndrome is real.

Here are a few more pictures because I had to…




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh… I went back and forth tearing up and laughing. She’s something else!!

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