10 Things You May Not Know About Me

Top 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me (1)


1) My Biggest Fear. I am absolutely terrified of spiders. I turn into a 4 year-old when I see a spider. When I was 24 I saw a spider while I was doing yard work and I got so spooked I fell off of a retaining wall and broke my wrist. Humpty Dumpty style ya’ll. I haven’t done yard work since.

2) Let’s Go Blue! I used to be obsessed with the University of Michigan when I was little. No reason why, that’s the weird part. I had Michigan wallpaper, Michigan bed sheets, a Michigan lamp…..all the way down to a light switch which said “Michigan turns me On and Ohio State turns me Off”. A little inappropriate for a 10 year old but oh well. The best part is I had no interest of going to school there and ended up going to school in the South.

3) My Biggest Pet Peeve: My biggest pet peeve is when people chew on ice. Or bite into popsicles. I’m cringing as I type this. I cannot understand how certain human beings can do this. Including my own two children.

4) May the Force Not Be With You: I’ve never seen Star Wars. Any movie. And I’m totally ok with it.

5) Knees and Toes: I couldn’t touch my toes until 3 weeks ago. It took 10 months of yoga and it was honestly a very good moment in my life when I touched my toes in yoga class because I grew up with nightmares of P.E. class when I could barely reach past my knees. My inner thighs and hamstrings are extremely flexible and I could always do wide splits. But P.E. class toe touches….the horror.

6) Drop the Puck:  My mom and I used to play on a Women’s Hockey Team. I was not good.

7) Countryside is the Best Side: Growing up I sang in the choir at my church in Omaha (Countryside Community Church). I also went on two mission trips to Minnesota and to Florida to build houses for Habitat for Humanity.

8) See Ya in 2 Years: I am terrified of going to the Dentist. I have a few very close friends that are dentists and they know that I hate the sounds. That I hate how they try to talk to you when they are terrorizing you. Never in my life have I left the dentist and scheduled my next 6 month appointment.

9) Who Need’s a Wine Fridge? I always put 2 ice cubes in my red wine. Always.

10) I Love MJ:  I listened to Michael Jackson’s music at a very young age. I was obsessed with his album History: Past, Present, and Future – I must have listened to it a gazillion times in my room as a teenager. I watched his entire funeral and I still play his music during our nightly family dance sessions.



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