Top 10 Accounts To Follow On Instagram

I get a majority of my entertainment from Instagram and I’ve fully accepted my addiction. This week I’m sharing my top 10 favorite Instagram accounts to follow. Happy endless scrolling!

Disclosure: If you are easily offended you may not want to follow some of these accounts…

  1. @thefatjewish – If I could pick one person to come on one of my girl trips this guy would be at the very top. The stuff he posts is funny but it’s his captions and stories that make him my favorite. He makes me literally laugh out loud every day.
  2. @chrissyteigen – Chrissy Teigen is definitely my favorite celebrity follow. She is married to John Legend, she is extremely humble, and she has the funniest responses to people hating on her on social media. My group of college friends (except my friend Amy) rave about Chrissy Teigen’s stories on Instagram. Amy – get with the program girl.  @chrissyteigen
  3. @choosingbalance – So I stumbled across @choosingbalance when I was on a 3 hour flight and I’m not embarrassed to admit I looked at her food pictures the entire flight. She makes healthy food look so beautiful and she is the sweetest college student – I just love her account. She inspired me to order the organic meal option on United for the first time and when I landed I went straight to Whole Foods. Of course my organic choices didn’t last long but she inspires me and every once in a while I go on a healthy Whole Foods kick because of her. @choosingbalance
  4. @fuckjerry – I’ll be honest I don’t know why his username is @fuckjerry but it doesn’t matter because this guy has hilarious posts. At least 50% of my daily splashes of humor come from his account. He posts a lot more frequently than @thefatjewish and I either laugh or smile at every one of his posts. I think his stories are a little weird so I don’t bother with those. Definitely a funny account to follow – you won’t regret it (assuming you like to laugh).@fuckjerry
  5. @passengershaming – This is a recent follow thanks to a recommendation from one of my favorite coworkers Mi Kim. I don’t know how I spent so many years on Instagram without knowing about this account. I fly a lot for work and I absolutely despise at least 90% of the other passengers on my flight. People act like it’s their own private jet and it drives me nuts. No shoes, smelly food, taking up too much space, standing up right away, talking to loud…(I’m thinking this should be my next top 10 list). @passengershaming shows real life passengers doing completely ridiculuos things and it is mindblowing. Enjoy!@passengershaming
  6. @vancityreynolds – Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively openly tease each other on social media and I could not be more in love with them. Not only does he tease Blake, he posts a lot of hilarious stuff about being a dad. The post in this picture is why I love their relationship. And even if you don’t think he is funny…..looking at this face is worth the follow.@vancityreynolds
  7. @theellenshow – I love Ellen Degeneres so much that I could write an entire blog post about my love for her. She has 57 million followers for a good reason. I don’t even need to elaborate on this one.@theellenshow
  8. @tindernightmares – Since I haven’t dated in almost 15 years I think tinder stories are incredibly entertaining. This account is a little inappropriate so it’s not for everyone. But I love seeing the rejection that people get over text. Especially because most of the men are usually way too over the top or way too sexual right off the bat. The girl responses are the best part. Denied. Mic drop. @tindernightmares
  9. @costco_doesitagain – I. Love. Costco. When I walk into that store I have a gigantic smile on my face despite the 20,000 people there (coming from a girl who hates big crowds, slow walkers, and grocery stores). Its complete perfection. Samples, easy dinners, cheap fruit, 8 tubes of toothpaste, and margarita mix. I could probably write a whole blog post on Costco as well. @costco_doesitagain showcases the best Costco deals from stores across North America, usually focusing on specialty and organic options in bulk. Even though I never go see if the deal is available in a Vancouver store, I adore staring at a seemingly ridiculous bulk purchase that I would 100% buy. @costco_doesitagain
  10. @poorlittleitgirl – I couldn’t list my favorite Instagram accounts without including @poorlittleitgirl. My friend Cathy is the only person in the world that can get me interested in fashion. And as you can predict by the name Poor Little It Girl, her blog always showcase the best fashion deals. She’s also tiny and perfect and sassy and hilarious. All of those reasons have led her to gain a huge following and a full-time career as a fashion blogger. I inspire to the be less-fashionable and heavier version of PLIG one day. Cathy – make me famous!@poorlittleitgirl

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