The Top 10 Secretly Good Shows on Netflix

I’ve pretty much seen all of the popular series available on Netflix. My favorites are probably similar to yours (Breaking Bad, Dexter, House of Cards, Stranger Things, etc.), but if you are looking for something a little different to watch this weekend here are a few secretly good series available on Netflix:

  1. Money Heist (Drama – 2 Seasons – 15 Episodes) – This is the only show I have ever watched without looking at my phone. Money Heist is a Spanish t.v. series about eight thieves who take hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain as a criminal mastermind (the “Professor”) manipulates the police to carry out his plan. This is currently ranked as my #1 favorite series ever. The acting isn’t oscar worthy but the brilliance of the Professor’s plan and the likeable personalities of the thieves made me completely addicted to this series. Shout out to my friend Parm for recommending this series to me. I’m patiently waiting for Season 3 to be released in 2019. This is a must see!money-heist-part-2
  2. Narcos (Drama – 3 Seasons – 30 Episodes) – My infatuation with Pablo Escobar dates back to when I was obsessed with the HBO series Entourage. Then this past February I traveled to Cartagena, Colombia with my girlfriends and our boat driver took us by one of his former compounds, a sprawling estate right on the beautiful Caribbean water. His former estate is empty and overgrown and a crashed plane from an escape attempt is visible in the water a few hundred yards from his house. This guy is legendary and Netflix does a great job of re-enacting the leader of the drug kingpins and the rise of the cocaine trade in Colombia. Narcos
  3. Making a Murderer (Documentary – 1 season – 10 episodes) – This is the true story of Steven Avery, a man wrongly convicted of a brutal assault. He sued law enforcement, and while in the middle of that suit he became a suspect of a brand new crime. The series will have you hating Avery, then feeling bad for Avery, then loving Avery, then back to hate. It’s a rollercoaster documentary that covers 30 years of Avery’s life. It’s only one season but rumors are that a second series is coming.making a murderer
  4. Last Chance U (Sports Documentary – 3 Seasons – 23 Episodes) – You don’t have to care about American football to love Last Chance U.  This documentary follows a team of misfits at a small Mississippi community who are led by a hot-headed coach who won’t take anything less than a national championship. Each football player has a past that got them kicked off of a top-tier college football team and they have one last chance to show off their talents to college and NFL recruiters. Meanwhile they have to get a good enough GPA to graduate and a charming academic advisor supports them as they struggle to balance football and classes.
    Last chance U
  5. Schitt’s Creek (Comedy – 4 Seasons – 51 episodes) – This Canadian show revolves around a very wealthy L.A. family who loses their entire fortune when their accountant commits fraud. The only asset that the government didn’t cease was a town called Schitt’s Creek, which was actually a town the dad bought for his son years ago as a practical joke. The pretentious and dysfunctional family hilariously navigates living in the town of Schitt’s Creek. You will recognize a few of the actors who are a part of this perfectly paired crew. The actors make the show – check it out even though the title is a bit odd.Schitts Creek
  6. Evil Genius (Documentary – 1 Season – 4 Episodes) Evil Genius is only 4 episodes but it is definitely worth watching. This documentary follows a robbery-gone-wrong, one that turned into the public murder of a hostage. The robber was a pizza delivery driver who died when the bomb he had locked around his neck went off as police watched.  The series follows the woman who was eventually arrested for the delivery man’s death and the conspiracy theories that led to numerous people assisting in the murder plot.Evil Genius
  7. Death On The Staircase (Documentary – 1 Season – 13 Episodes) – In 2001 novelist Michael Peterson’s wife died, and he claimed she perished after falling down stairs at their home. The medical examiner, however, determined that she had been beaten with a weapon, which led to Peterson becoming a suspect in what would become a murder investigation. This series is a real-life courtroom thriller that offers an inside look at the American justice system.Even when the series is over you will most likely still be on the fence about whether Michael Peterson was guilty or not.Staircase
  8. Frankie and Grace (Comedy – 4 Seasons – 52 Episodes) – I was very hesitant to watch this show. Truly the only reason I followed a friend’s recommendation was because I am completely blown away that Jane Fonda is 80 years old and I wanted to watch in hopes I find some way to look like her when I’m 50. When Grace (Jane Fonda – uptight and polished) and Frankie (free spirited) learn that their husbands have fallen in love with each other and want to get married. As everything around the ladies is coming apart, the only thing they can really rely on is each other. Matt surprisingly liked this show. Not a binge worthy show, but if you need a light hearted funny series in your life, this is the one.Gracie and Frank
  9. I Am a Killer (Documentary – 1 Season – 10 Episodes) – This series follows 10 inmates on death row. Like my father I have always been fascinated with prison documentaries. I don’t know why but watching how prisoners live their lives every day completely shocks me and makes me appreciate my life. Each episode showcases the crime that convicted them, how their everyday life is on death row, and what they are thinking knowing that they will ultimately die in the prison. It’s not for everyone but we loved it.I am a killer
  10. American Vandal (Crime Satire – 1 Season – 8 Episodes) – This is #10 because we are not done with the season. But we like it so far, much to my surprise. American Vandal is a crime satire that explores the aftermath of a costly high school prank. The prank left 27 high school faculty cars vandalized with spray painted penises (i.e. why I thought it was immature and I wouldn’t like it). The series isn’t immature, it’s actually quite clever and funny. An aspiring sophomore documentarian investigates the controversial and potentially unjust expulsion of troubled senior Dylan Maxwell. The mixture of a true crime, uniqueness, and satire is why it’s in my top 10.american vandal

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