Top 10 Baby Tips

There are two kinds of moms. The first kind of moms have baby fever on their child’s first birthday. These are the moms that just naturally love babies and they smile when people ask if they are done having children. Then there are moms like me. When I was pregnant I asked my husband to visit a doctor to prevent any future Charlie and Thomas’s.  I have always wanted kids and I feel blessed to have two healthy kids after we struggled getting pregnant. But no matter what kind of mom you are (or think you will be), we all do our best and we all struggle with different parts of the baby stage. Here are my top 10 baby tips:

  1. Schedule. Schedule. Schedule. Get them on a Sleep, Eat, Play (repeat) schedule and the next  I followed the concept from the book Babywise starting when the kids were 6 weeks old. I never fed them before they slept with the exception of the night feeding (which also had a routine). Can you see the accountant in me?
  2. Stay Away From The Internet. Do not read any articles on the internet when your baby is less than 2 weeks old. My pediatrician gave me this advice and of course I didn’t follow it. I googled things such as “baby hiccuping too much” and “baby spit up three times in a row” and next thing you know I am reading an article how those things led to significant long-term health issues.
  3. Netflix at 3AM.  I recommend starting a series such as The Office or Friends because night feedings are very tiring and scrolling thru Instagram just reminds you that all of your friends are sleeping and you aren’t.
  4. Get Advice From the Right Place. There is nothing worse than hearing a mom say “Timothy slept thru the night when he was only one week old”.  If you only talk about the positives of raising a child I literally do not know how to talk to you.  I must have texted my sister 1,000 times with Charlie and Thomas and each time she made me feel better.
  5. Accept and Ask for Help: One of the best things anyone can do for new parents is to drop off a hot meal and get right back in your car and drive away. When you are on the receiving-end, do not feel pressured to entertain. Tell them thank you and ask them to kindly get out so you can get back on this insane rhythm your baby is demanding.
  6. Cry it out: Controversial? Yes. Does it work? Yes. We didn’t start cry it out until they were 3 months old. The trick is to notice when your baby starts to not eat much during the first morning feed. I don’t know if it’s because of the schedule, the crying it out, or they are just good kids – but our kids go to bed at 6:30 and sleep for 12 hours. But it takes work and I have so many tips if you are interested.
  7. They Eat What You Eat: The second they start experimenting with solids, overwhelm them with variety. Babies don’t typically take to certain foods right away, research has shown it takes introducing it 3-4 times. Power thru and once they are older serve dinner as one family and not two different menus.
  8. Traveling Isn’t So Bad: We took Charlie on her first plane ride when she was 11 weeks old. When they are immobile and nursing or drinking bottles a plane ride is pretty easy. Bottle during take off, bottle during landing. Don’t overpack your diaper bag because when you are searching for something there is nothing more frustrating than crap all over the place. And that’s when you blame your husband for everything bad in the world.
  9. Button Swaddles and Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit: With Charlie she she slept thru the night sooner than Thomas did. We had her in arms-free swaddles with buttons until she was 9 months old. The buttons are there for the moms like me who couldn’t figure out how to swaddle even after two kids. My friend MelCon suggested the sleepsuit and that is what Thomas is wearing in this picture. It’s worth the money and looks weird, just trust me.
  10. Take Pictures With Your Parents: If it’s one thing I regret before my dad passed away it’s that I didn’t have enough pictures of Charlie with my dad. The newborn photos are great but it’s pictures with your family that will mean the most in the future.

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