The Top 10 Best Things About Canada

It took Matt and I approximately 5 minutes to agree to move our kids to Canada. We researched nothing about the country but we said yes to my career opportunity because YOLO (that stands for You Only Live Once for the non-millennial generation). The top 10 reasons why I love Canada are different than what I would have thought one year ago as we packed our bags to head North. Either way – Canada we love you!! And here’s why…..

  1. The Humanity. This country cares about their people and not about the media or fame. Synonyms for the word humanity include sympathy, kindness, and compassion. And the focus on humanity, kindness, and compassion is everywhere you look. The media is smart and doesn’t publicize names when a suspect has a clear mental health issue. They put forth all of their effort to help these people instead of entertaining a hungry audience. And they welcome you when you move to a new country. In simple words: they just get it.
  2. The Diversity. This is a very close second to humanity. Raising our children in an environment that is extremely diverse soothes my soul. I love it so much because I want to raise my kids to be respectful and kind no matter who they are looking at. And I also love the diverse group of people I work with. So many different types of people with different backgrounds and origins. I struggle with pronouncing two names that work for me and I selfishly love that. Brown, black, white, and everything in between – that is what we will accept as normal in the world after living in Canada.
  3. The Safety. Everyone has different opinion about gun laws. I have my own opinion and my opinion might surprise some of you. But what I do know is that the mass shootings in schools across America are one of the few things that scare me when I think of Charlie and Thomas in high school. And even elementary school. I would do anything to make sure they are safe and sometimes I am terrified of sending them to a school in America. If this is controversial to you or you disagree, that’s fine. I have so much respect for education in America you have no idea. Education vs safety is different and I hope everyone can understand the difference.
  4. The Nature. I’ll quote Charlie when she looked out over the ocean and said “the ocean and the trees look so happy!”. We recycle 70% of what we use because that’s the norm in West Vancouver. And when you do that and you look outside, you look at nature a whole different way.
  5. The Hiking. I don’t know where to start so I’ll digress and wait until another post. All I can say is I never knew my passion in life was hiking until I moved here. I am an addict and have a long long list of places Matt and I need to hike.
  6. The Pride. Canadians are extremely prideful. I used to think seeing Americans celebrate July 4th was the most prideful thing on Earth. I thought this until I went to a Vancouver Canucks vs. Boston Bruins hockey game and a beautiful First Nations woman sang the two different national anthems. I literally got goosebumps watching everyone smiling and singing the Canadian national anthem. Point – Canada. canadafireworks-featured-635x357
  7. The beauty. Canada is insanely beautiful. It was hard to select just a few pictures. Again, I digress because it’s too beautiful to capture in words.
  8. The Prime Minister. Put detailed politics aside, he supports the fact that love is love. And ladies can support me….he ain’t bad to look at….trudeau
  9. The holidays. Who ever decided which days would be holidays in Canada knew what they were doing. Let’s schedule a long weekend at least once every month in spring and summer – check!
  10. The winter. The rain is not ideal in Vancouver but Whistler in the winter is magical. And the snow capped mountains painting a backdrop in a Vancouver winter is something everyone should see. It doesn’t snow in West Vancouver except for maybe one or two days. And I am totally at peace with that.


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