Summer in Vancouver

Vancouver, B.C. is one of the most under-rated cities in the world. When I told my American friends and family that I was moving to Canada most of them pictured my family living in an igloo with our two German Shepherds as sled dogs. And while I want Vancouver to stay under-rated, I do want all of my friends and followers to know how amazing it is. ESPECIALLY in the summer. I can’t think of any other city in the world that has the unique combination of gorgeous mountains, tons of hiking, amazing scenic views, numerous beaches, water activities, big city life, biking, national parks, and amazing food. The weather in the summer averages 75 degrees and the sun is always shining.  It is truly paradise from May thru the end of August.

Here are some of my favorite things to do in Vancouver:

Hike. Joffre Lakes is my absolute favorite but there are dozens more that I would recommend. Capilano Canyon is 2 minutes away from our house and I swear it looks like you are in a fairy tale when you are on the trail. The Twilight series was filmed here if it gives you any idea of how gorgeous Capilano is.

Drive the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Squamish. I’m a nerd and love driving on the highway because the company I work for built it, but this drive is seriously stunning. Mountains meet the ocean with islands sprinkled in. Some snow remains on the mountain tops for the whole summer adding to the beauty. It’s amazing!opinion_editorial1-1

Stanley Park. There are SO many things to do in this gigantic (and FREE!) national park. Hiking, beaches, playgrounds, pools, biking, an amazing aquarium, and more views than I can count. Vancouver has a great climate and gets lots of rain in the winter so the park is extremely green and lush. This is by far the best place to take kids in Vancouver, we still haven’t explored the whole park and we’ve lived here a year.

♥ Boating with friends (picture above was taken on our friends Kim and Andrew’s boat). The water in the summer is warm and you can navigate to so many beautiful places. Relaxing on a boat watching a gorgeous British Colombia sunset should be on everyone’s bucket list. Actually scratch that – do everything I just said but throw in a bottle of Chardonnay.

These are just a few of my favorite things. More to come later on Vancouver recommendations because I’m seriously in love with this city. It’s not too late to book a ticket to Vancouver – the summer isn’t over! But seriously…..get here before October (unless you have a passion for rain then by all means come in the fall).




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