A Girl’s Best Accessory

The best accessory a girl can wear is her confidence ✨⭐️ As of 4:30PM today Charlie’s dream job is “to build  things….like an animal hospital!” I needed a good minute and a half to compose myself after that response. Most young girls love animals but there are not too many 4 year old girls that dream of building the vets office instead of being the vet. I tried not to act surprised because I want her to think that is a totally normal dream for a young girl. Yes, her statement could be skewed because she got to see where her mom works last Sunday. But last Sunday I saw that girl walking around the construction site like she owned the damn place. And I just smiled while snapping pictures like the paparazzi.

I have a lot of opinions on how we can bridge the gender gap in the workplace, but my number one belief is that our society can change things by just not saying anything. The solution is easy – don’t cast doubt by telling her something that will take away her best accessory. If my Charlie never knows the current ratio in construction is 1 female to 20 males, there is a stronger chance that I’ll see her 20 years from now standing confidently on a construction site.

So I’m going to continue to build my daughters confidence by just sitting back, drinking a tall glass of wine, and doing absolutely nothing 💕👊🏼#asplashofhumor

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