Top 10 Tips for Packing a Suitcase

Hello followers! Every Sunday I’ll share a new Top 10 list. I’m excited to share ideas and tips that will hopefully help you succeed in your career and your personal life.  This week I’m sharing my Top 10 tips for packing a suitcase. I have flown over 10,000 miles so far this year for work. So as you can imagine I pack A LOT! I never do anything days in advance and I don’t like to spend a ton of time packing. So packing my suitcase usually takes about 10-15 minutes and I always pack the night before my trip.

So here are my Top 10 Tips for Packing a Suitcase: 

  1. Don’t even open your closet until you’ve looked at the weather forecast for where you are going. Always look at the temperature around dinner time to decide what to pack for the evenings. Your destination might get  surprisingly chilly at night when the sun goes down. Or you could be the person who wears jeans to the after work golf event when it’s 100 degrees outside.F6AE5929-AEC0-4234-87CD-EA02E9571101
  2. In the fall and winter pick a color palette. Boots and sweaters take up the most room so decide on a brown or a black palette and stick to it. Sticking with one also limits the number of purses and accessories you need to bring. Black is my first choice almost always.
  3. Bring good quality toiletries and always leave them packed in your suitcase so you never forget them. My travel toiletries are nicer than my usual toiletries because I treat myself when I have to be away from my family. My favorite travel size toiletries are from Lush. Their dry shampoo is a powder which is TSA safe and it lasts much longer than my previous favorite Baptiste. Plus – if you bring 5 empty Lush bottles into a store you get two weeks worth of their fresh face masks for FREE. no drought
  4. Find a cream colored sweater or light jacket and pack it 100% of the time. I always bring one no matter what climate I’m going to. I had one similar to This Gap Sweater until my daughter smeared silly putty all over it….. gap
  5. Lay everything out on your bed and look for items that are nice but not necessary. Yes it would be nice to have 2 pairs of heels when I go on this girls trip, but it’s not necessary. Then put at least one of the nice but not necessary items back in your closet.
  6. Research and invest in the perfect laptop bag/tote. It took me 10 years to find my laptop bag soulmate. Who knew it was sitting at Kate Spade the whole time? I love it because the top zips and it only has 3 interior pockets (too many pockets backfires when you are trying to find something). My bag soulmate has one interior pocket that zips and 2 smaller interior pockets that don’t zip. I travel internationally a lot so I always put my passport, nexus card, and work permit in that one zipper pocket. It’s their permanent home and nothing else comes into their home. I don’t even open the pocket until the next time I go thru security at the airport. My lip gloss and chapstick go in one of the open pockets, and my business supplies go in the other one. I never change where things go in my tote and I have never had trouble finding anything. Also I always leave an extra phone charger and headphones permanently in my tote. I love my $25 House of Marley House of Marley Headphones because they are stylish, don’t tangle and  they never fall out.
  7. Start with packing your shoes on the bottom. Then ROLL up all of your clothes and place them on top of your shoes – it saves so much space if you roll rather than fold. It also helps prevent wrinkles.
  8. Put a lot of focus on dressing comfortably for days that you are traveling. This is something I’ve built into my travel routine this year and it has made such a big difference. I pretty much wear the same thing every time I fly. Black yoga leggings, a plain colored T-shirt, an oversized sweater, and my native tennis shoes. These are my favorite shoes to travel with. Also, I am never comfortable if I’m cold so I always pack this light travel blanket in my tote bag. It’s light enough to fit in my tote and keeps me warm.
  9. Once I am all packed I look at my travel itinerary one last time to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Then I make sure all of my electronics are plugged in overnight so they are fully charged for the flight.
  10. Finally, when I get to my destination I always unpack. I use the drawers in the hotel room and hang up my clothes right away. I iron any items that need a touch up when I am unpacking so I don’t have to keep getting the squeaky and awkward iron out every morning. Then I store my suitcase in the closet and my hotel room feels a lot more like home!

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