Pregnant in a Hard Hat (Part 1)

When I was young I had dreams of becoming a veterinarian….a marine biologist….even an interior designer. So naturally, I graduated Florida State with a degree in Accounting. Next thing I knew I was 9 years into my career and I was not only an accountant, but I was a very pregnant accountant walking around a construction site wearing steel toed boots and a hard hat.

It’s about a 1 to 20 female to male ratio in my industry and I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve seen a pregnant woman on a construction site. When I was pregnant I took great pride in being able to represent that small group of women. Every week my safety vest got a little bit tighter and my pride walking around site got a little bit bigger. This picture was taken my last site visit a few weeks before I had Thomas. I was visiting a $600 million dollar power plant in the middle of nowhere Indiana. I’ve never asked for someone to take my picture on site but I was pretty damn proud in this moment knowing 300 men saw a female manager who was weeks away from giving birth walking around site like it was nothing. I never ask for special treatment because I’m a female and the only thing I asked for when I was pregnant was for someone to take this picture. It’s a reminder to everyone who sees it that women can do the same job as men. And when women do the same job as men at 9 months pregnant, that deserves a picture and a big ass smile. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I’ll share my stories of being in a hard hat with a new baby at home. 


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