Why Now?

Many people look at my life they think it’s impossible to juggle what I do. How can she have two young kids, work in a male dominated industry, travel every week, and move 3 times in 5 years? The answer to how I can do it is because I’m driven and I have a supportive husband. But most of our society has the belief that what I am doing is impossible because I was born a female and decided to add two kids to this world. I’ll stop you right there if you think this is a feminist blog because it isn’t. I have always known there are society norms that have limited the progress of female success, but something happened one year ago that lit a fire beneath me. Then something else happened 3 months ago that threw a gallon of gasoline on that fire and now I’m more motivated than ever to change society norms. I’m not here to start a movement or get political, my goal with this blog is to inspire both women and men to stop thinking the life I live as a female is “impossible” and start thinking this life is “normal”. And the only way I know how to do that is to share honest (and hilarious) stories about what I did to stay on the road I am on instead of taking the easy road. To be clear, the easy road does not mean staying at home with the kids. Unless you think “easy” is being a slave to tiny humans without getting paid..

I’ll share stories about what I sacrificed, how I re-prioritized, what it’s like to work with all men, and what it’s like to be a mom always packing her suitcase. Sometimes my stories will be longer with a little splash of humor, and sometimes I will just share my favorite meme to hopefully make at least one of you smile that day. And if I fail to change the norm that women can’t have the same life as men, or if fail to make you laugh, stories of life on a construction site and moving two kids to a different country are truly entertaining. You will either be inspired, entertained, or you will feel a lot better about your own life, and that is my gift to you thru this blog. I don’t have any free time to write a blog and I’m not really sure what I’m doing, but for some reason my gut is telling me I need to do this. Thank you all for the support!!





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