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Our Europe Vacation: 5 Cities in 10 Days

A Splash of Humor has been A Splash of Nothing lately, but I’m back! Matt and I just returned from an amazing 10 day vacation in Europe. We visited 5 cities and had no responsibilities other than deciding on what wine to drink. I will share more details and pictures

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10 Ways to Retain Female Talent

A few weeks ago I attended a women’s workshop in Omaha where men and women brainstormed ways to improve hiring and retaining talented women in our company. If you missed my blog post 30 Steps Forward on the Path Towards Equality, I explained that during last week’s workshop it became

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30 Feet Forward on the Path Towards Equality

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a women’s workshop at our corporate office in Omaha. The people invited to the workshop included a mixture of male executives, working moms, as well as male and female managers who do not have children. Despite the fact that only 21% of senior

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